get_children WordPress Function

Description get_children() retrieves attachments, revisions, or sub-pages, possibly by post parent. It works similar to get_posts().   Usage <?php $children_array = get_children( $args, $output ); ?>   Default Usage   <?php $args = array( ‘post_parent’ => 0,’post_type’ => ‘any’,’numberposts’ => -1,’post_status’ => ‘any’);?>   Parameters   As of Version 2.6, you must pass a non-empty post_type parameter

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get_boundary_post WordPress Function

Description Get the first or last post by publish date Usage <?php get_boundary_post( $in_same_cat, $excluded_categories, $start ); ?> Parameters $in_same_cat (boolean) (optional) Whether post should be in same category. Default: false $excluded_categories (string) (optional) Excluded categories IDs. Default: ” $start (boolean) (optional) True to begin at the beginning Default: true

get_adjacent_post WordPress Function

Description Retrieve adjacent post. Can either be next or previous post. Usage   <?php get_adjacent_post( $in_same_term, $excluded_terms, $previous, $taxonomy ) ?>   Parameters $in_same_term (boolean) (optiona) Whether post should be in a same taxonomy term. Default: false $excluded_terms (array or string) (optional) Array or comma-separated list of excluded term IDs.

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